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The Center for Water Resources Conservation and Development (WARECOD) is a Vietnamese non-profit organization and under the auspices of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association (VUSTA).The WARECOD has goal   to promote the sustainable use of Vietnam’s water resources. To reach the goal, WARECOD has set up and  been implementing the 05 specific strategies including (i)  River Basin Approach   -  Promote an effective river basin approach in a specific river basin, (ii)  Community Demonstration Projects  - Promote appropriate practices in usage, protection, and restoration of water resources, giving priority to vulnerable and marginalized groups, (iii)  Community Development and Empowerment  - (Enhance accountability in water and aquatic resources governance through community empowerment and development of community monitoring systems in the context of climate change, (iv) Advocacy - Advocate for improved water legislation, policy implementation, and enforcement using the lessons learned and evidence generated from Strategies 1, 2 and 3, and  (v) Vietnam Rivers Network.

In order to realize its strategies, WARECOD has carried out a number of projects, one of them is the project “Promoting local participation into decision-making process related to climatic and environmental change in the Lo-Gam river basin” funded by RLS. This project is implemented in Bao Lam, Bao Lac, and Nguyen Binh districts of Cao Bang province during 2012 – 2016. Every year of implementation, the project has worked out specific objectives and relevant activities aiming to strengthen capacity and knowledge for local officials and people as well as to promote linkages of local communities in adaptation and resilience to CC and environmental changes. 

Before completing the project, the WARECOD needs to evaluate to the project implementation and effectiveness requiring a specialist who will carry out the   survey and assessment to work out the project implementation report. Expected outcomes of the report possibly  are implementation  results, how the results reaching    the project objectives, how interaction among  the project components   reaching the WARECOD goal and strategies, and recommendation on how the future project activities should be done for getting expected outcomes.

1. Responsibility of the specialist

- To develop the project evaluation tools ensuring the collection of necessary and accurate information;

- To set up an assessment plan: in cooperation with the project staff to plan the field trips   in accordance with the research schedule; 

- To carry field trip (s) to the project sites together with the project staff to collect information and evaluate  the project implementation and effectiveness, recommend ideas for the better implementation of the future project;

- Write a report evaluating results and efficiency of the project based on the project objectives and expected results as well as WARECOD’s goal and strategies, and recommending lesson learn for the future projects.

 2. Professional qualification requirements:

- Education: Master degree in Environment, Climate change, or Social science, Environment;

- Working experience: high experience and knowledge in working with mountainous communities, climate change and water resource management;

Carried out monitoring and evaluation for at least 5 projects, of which 2 dealt with community development and climate change;  

- Ability and skills:

Ability in information analysis and writing project evaluation report

Ability to work independently and has teamwork skills

Skills in communication and English writing, 

3. Outputs:

- Evaluation tools for monitoring (Vietnamese and English);

- Specific evaluation indicators helping to recognize the implemented objectives of the project;

- Evaluation report (Vietnamese and English)

 4. Duration of consultancy, indicative timeline and key milestones

The consultant (team) should allocate his/her time over the period of 2.5 months from May to Jul, 2016 to complete all activities and outputs for this evaluation. A tentative timeline for the delivery of key milestones is detailed in the table below.

Key milestones


Milestone 1: A final Evaluation tools (Questionnaires/outline report  for final approval


Milestone 2: First draft report


Milestone 3: Successful submission of:

1) A final evaluation  report in English and Vietnamese;

2) Pictures and other supporting document (if collected).


5. Support from the project:  office and car for field trip

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Cao Bang province
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Online via email: info@warecod.org.vn
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Hết ngày : 27/4/2016

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