Improving knowledge about the water resources protection
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Center for Water Resources Conservation and Development and People's Committee of Krong Na commune, Buon Don district, Dak Lak province were coordinate organized Training on Water Resources and Environment on 16th  October, 2020

Participants were provided with information on some provisions of the Law on Environmental Protection, Law on Water Resources 2012; Basic knowledge related to environmental protection work; The role of the people in promoting local participation in environmental protection, water resource management and governance, and climate change response; The role of water resources for the life of the community (health, agricultural production, services ...); Introducing models of safe and economical use of water in daily life and livelihoods. In addition, participants also learn about behavior change communication skills such as listening, questioning, presenting, collecting, analyzing information, discussing, teamwork, writing typical change stories, charting water management, monitoring environmental pollution, and make communication plans.

By focusing on the application of experiential learning, connecting with each subject matter's practice, applying real local situations to lead into the lesson, along with the enthusiastic guidance of The lecturers have attracted a large number of people to actively participate.

In the coming time, it is hoped that the core communicators of Krong Na commune will combine with other commune propagandists to form a qualified group of propagandists. The group will be able to effectively apply information, knowledge and communication skills to promote its core group role. Thereby, it will contribute to promoting the participation of the locality more strongly in environmental protection and water management in the commune.


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