The Women's Union of Long Phu District organizes a seminar on community communication, environmental monitoring and protection
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In order to share experiences on promoting the capacity of the Community to participate in monitoring, managing the effective use of water resources, contributing to environmental protection and climate change adaptation. In July 2019, the district's Women's Union was supported by the Center for Water Conservation and Development (WARECOD), in collaboration with relevant agencies, to organize the seminar "Community Communication on Monitoring and Water Resources Protection ”in Long Phu district.

There were 60 participants in the workshop. They are the leaders of the district departments, the president of the Women's Union of communes, towns in the district and households in Long Phu commune, including 23 men and 37 women.

In the seminar, the reportage covered the activities of the core community group in Long Phu commune on the environment protection and the communication of self-edited skits. These skits has a theme about protecting the water environment with the message "Awareness first of all"

Besides, the Water quality and environment Supervisory Group were established, selecting 08 people from this group, to attend the training conducted by Soc Trang Department of Natural Resources and Environment. Currently, the team has done 24 water samples from April to now (4 times per month for water in canals, and 2 times for wells) and water quality testing. Attending the seminar, delegates exchanged and shared their knowledge about water environment protection. Delegates visit a set of 25 photos with stories related to environmental protection; introduction of home waste treatment model; animal wastes discharged into rivers, canals and ditches; protecting surface water and groundwater; introduction of environmental protection models; economic development model, livelihood…

During the seminar, delegates and households heard the directing speech of Vice Chairman of Long Phu District People's Committee about the serious pollution of water in the community. In the coming time, it is needing to promote the propaganda of punitive sanctions. Local government leaders need to strengthen leadership, directing centralized resources and implementing environmental protection activities.

The workshop made the basis for further spreading the environmental protection movement in the locality. At the same time, agencies and households expressed their commitment to protect the environment, especially in combating plastic waste in 2019 in the Women's 

Women's Union of Long Phu district

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