Sharing water resources management experience: Vietnamese NGOs and Laos NPAs joining hands in conserving water resources
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As more threats emerging or increasing towards water resources and more communities are affected by water-related issues, water resources management in the Greater Mekong sub-region is becoming a hot topic than ever.

Laos PDR and Vietnam share similarities in history, cultures, social characteristics and natural conditions, and also the mutual concerns on the most valuable natural resource – water. WARECOD (the Center for Water Resources Conservation and Development), basing on this foundation, initiated a project aiming to exchange experiences and lesson learned between these two neighboring countries in order to widen knowledge for Vietnamese NGOs and Laos non-profit associations (NPAs) in resolving water problems in the context of escalating climate change. The initiative meeting was held in May to introduce to Laotian NPAs about water management and following with a two-day workshop in Vientiane from 19-20 July 2014 with the participation of nearly 30 Laos NPA’s representatives.

Chairpersons of the workshop


During the workshop, the participants discussed and pointed out many challenges to water resources management and analyzed their economic, social and technological drivers. The most commons include deforestation, mining activities, land use change, development projects and climate change. They also acknowledged the current priorities in water management and assessed the capacity of Laos NPAs in coping with those challenges.


WARECOD staff shared their working experience on water resources management and climate change issues in Vietnam, with a particular emphasis on the climatools applied in Cao Bang and Ha Giang provinces and shared the history and experiences of establishing Vietnam Rivers Network - a first collective platform for Vietnamese NPAs who have the mutual interest in protecting rivers in Vietnam.

Participants listening to presentation

A significant output of the workshop is a detailed plan for the next two years as a joint attempt of Laos NPAs in dealing with water resources management issues in Laos. This initial foundation will then be developed to a proposal to make the plan come true.


Duong Thu Hang


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