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WARECOD’s Research Program aims at identifying and consolidating recommendations for water resources utilization and management. The Program also contributes by creating baseline information for community development projects at the research locations. These research projects are a prerequisite for our community development projects and provide feasibility assessments for each project, as well as guidance for consultancy and policy advocacy activities.

Since the establishment of WARECOD, our research program has focused on:
  • Local knowledge research
  • Research on livelihoods and access to clean water of riverside communities

WARECOD has pioneered the use of the local knowledge (Thai Baan) research model in Vietnam, with five projects completed in villages along the Huong, Red, Gam and Nang Rivers. These projects document the state of aquatic resources and the cultural value of fishing communities, empower local people by involving them in research based on their indigenous knowledge, and support negotiations with developers of projects that may cause negative impacts on local livelihoods.


WARECOD has also completed several major research projects on issues of river pollution, livelihoods, and access to clean water in Nghệ An, Sơn La and Mê Linh.  These include research on river pollution in Quy Hop district and impacts on local people’s health and agriculture, on livelihoods and access to clean water of boat women along the Red River, and on the impact of a rubber plantation program on local livelihoods in Son La province, as well as a dialogue on governance issues affecting water pollution in Bac Ninh craft villages.


Key topics

  • Thai Baan research on aquatic resources along rivers
  • Water pollution and water-related applied research
  • Environmental and social impacts of river development projects


Priority sites 

  • Riverine, upland and mountainous areas


Priority groups

  • Floating communities, women, children and other marginalized groups, dam-induced resettlers.

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