Vietnam Rivers Network (VRN)
Vietnam Rivers Network (hereafter referred to as VRN) was established in November 2005. It had been coordinated by WARECOD from 2006 to 2011. Since 2012, WARECOD has been the coordinator in the North. VRN is an open forum whose membership comprises a broad set of actors concerned with river protection and sustainable development in Vietnam, including NGO’s representatives, researchers, academics, government officials, local communities and individuals.

Priority activities

• Acting as a multilateral forum to exchange information, knowledge and experiences related to water resources and rivers.

• Increasing awareness and building the capacity for VRN members and communities.

• Networking and intensifying exchange and cooperation with relevant stakeholders.

• Carrying out independent monitoring, evaluation, and advocacy of domestic water policies.



• The membership of the network has increased to about 300 members, among those 100 members are in the North.

• 36 bi-monthly newsletters were published and have been distributed to the network members and to other interested people.

• Capacity building for members by training research, monitoring, river water assessment skills and other issues related to rivers.

• Findings of 26 small studies related to rivers, dams have been presented to authorities at all levels and related decision making agencies.

• Coorperating with scientists and communication organizations and newspapers to raise awareness to the public on challenges from dam development, river pollution to community livelihood and natural ecosystem.

• VRN has recently participated in independent criticizing and giving valuable recommendations on disclosed social and environmental impacts assessment reports of: (1) the Trung Son hydropower project - a World Bank loan project. (2) Dong Nai 6 and 6A. (3) Research and Advocacy to stop the construction of Xayaburi dam in Mekongg Mainstream.

• Monitoring the implementation of WB, ADB safeguard poolicies during dam project in Vietnam.

• Enhancing the voice of civil society in Revised Water Law.
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