Community Development and Empowerment Program
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WARECOD has conducted a variety of local projects related to clean water supply, arsenic treatment, school sanitation improvement, and agricultural and aquaculture a livelihoods improvement, in twelve different communes.  These projects have demonstrated successful models for dealing with variety of water-related problems, and have used an integrated community development approach. The focus of this work as been on ethnic minority communities, floating communities, women and children, and other marginalized groups.

Some key projects

  • Project on water supply, school remodeling and agricultural extension in Huu Kien commune, Chi Lang district, Lang Son province, funded by Ian Ferguson and LienAid Foundations. WARECOD conducts this project to provide clean water to local people, and local women and girls who are Tay ethnicity and are responsible for domestic water uses in the family; to rebuild elementary school for the children; and to help the farmers with advanced farming technology in order to raise their income.

  • Water & Sanitation for Schools and Livelihood Project in Lao Ho commune, Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province.

  • Arsenic treatment project in Trung Chau commune, Dan Phuong district, Ha Tay province

  • Increasing household income and improving access to clean water for Thai people in 3 communes: Chau Quang, Chau Ly and Bac Son, Quy Hop District, Nghe An province

Key themes

  • Aquatic resources conservation
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Water treatment
  • Relief during and after calamities
  • Pico-hydro, irrigation
  • Aquaculture extension
  • Agricultural extension

Priority sites

Riverine, upland and mountainous areas

Priority groups

Floating communities, women and children, and marginalized groups.

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