Dialogue and sharing the knowledge about the environmental protection in Buon Don district

On February 2018, the Center for Water Resources Conservation and Development (WARECOD) in cooperation with the People's Committee of Krong Na Commune (Buon Don District) organized a program to share the results of the project "Promoting the role of women in water resources management in the Central Highlands of Vietnam ".

A member of the women's group for environmental protection in Jang Lanh village introduced the photo essay series.


The project "Promoting the role of women in water resources management in the Central Highlands of Vietnam" was funded by the Canadian Embassy through the Canadian Fund for Local Initiative. The project was coordinated by WARECOD and supported by the Dak Lak province’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment, People's Committee in Krong Na commune and Buon Don district.


After 07 months of implementation (from July 2017 to February 2018), the women group was provided many training programs about water resources, hygiene, sanitation, and communication skills through Photovoice. The project has successfully piloted a model of clean water for 07 households, and supported the establishment of a climate smart agriculture model which was supposed to contribute to environmental protection and water saving in the local.


An officer of Buon Don Agricultural Extension Station introduced the mushroom growing models


Within the framework of program, the cultural event "Community with water, hygiene and sanitation" was hold at Jang Lanh Community House, including many contents attracting large numbers of villagers and Y Jut Elementary School students. The main activities of the event were art performances; photo exhibition "By the Srepok River"; sharing the model of water purification; painting competition on water, hygiene and sanitation.


Students of Y Jut Elementary School participated in painting competition with the theme of environmental protection.

WARECOD is an organization that works to improve the lives of riparian communities, promote the balance use of water resources, promote gender equality, and warn the negative impacts of the constructing dam projects and riparian development projects through intervention programs, researches, communication activities, which contributes to the advocacy strategy of Vietnam River Network.

Van Anh (To Nhu translating)

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