Seminar on "Strengthening community participation in integrated water resources management"
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On 7/9/2018, WARECOD organized a workshop to summarize the project "Capacity Building for Community Participation in Water Resources Management in An Giang Province, Mekong Delta" (Phase 3).

The workshop was organized in Phu Tan Commune, An Giang Province, with the participation of the director and coordinator of WARECOD, the representatives of Oxfarm organization, members of sub-regional management board No. 25, Women' Unions from Tan Hoa, Tan Trung, Phu Tho and Phu Hung communes, along with agricultural and environmental departments of An Giang and Phu Tan. In addition, the workshop was attended by delegates from the Commune People's Committee and people from four hamlets of Tan Hoa commune.

At the beginning of the workshop, the WARECOD coordinator introduced a handbook: Strengthening community participation in water resources management in An Giang province, Mekong Delta. The manual outlines the challenges facing the Mekong Delta such as climate change, ecosystem degradation, decline in fisheries resources, over-exploitation of groundwater that causes subsidence, Hydropower construction rampant. The handbook also identifies the issues that agriculture faces, as well as the role of women in water resources management.

WARECOD project coordinator introduced the handbook

Following the representative workshop of the sub-region management board No. 25 also gave a speech summarizing the results obtained after the project, changes in agricultural production in the locality, people have limited use of drugs to reduce the risk of water pollution, to repair two local sewers, to improve irrigation for the people. Lastly, the Management Board also expressed its aspirations for the construction of intra-field roads, making it easier to travel, trade and transport on canals.

The head of Sub-regional Management Board reported activities and recommendations

The representative of Women's Union

The representative of Oxfarm organization

Throughout the project Strengthening the capacity of community participation in integrated water resources management, WARECOD together with the sub-region management board 25 and Women's Union organize training and propaganda for the local residents. Communication methods are also used as novelties, such as interactive plays, which help people identify problems and identify ways to solve them. Through workshops and training to improve the capacity of women in water resources management, women have recognized their important role and women can participate in the work of men. In addition, they participate in the recording, financial planning, mediating role.

The second part of the interactive ForumTheater show, where together they play the characters, the story, together find a way to solve the problem. The work has blown a new wind, bringing brittle laughter in the hall. At the end of the workshop, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan gave a speech at the end of the project, and presented certificates of merit to excellent individuals for their contribution to the construction and management of the sub-region management board No. 25.

Mrs.Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan - the director of WARECOD gave the certification for member of sub-regional management board

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