Improving Water Supply For People In The Lac Nong Commune
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The WARECOD’s project “Master of Integrated Water Resources Management” (sponsored by Oxfam Quebec), carried out at Lac Nong Commune, Bac Me District, Ha Giang Province from June to October 2013, is now in its 3th period.

Two months after lauching the project at Na Pau, Ha Son 1&2, and Phia Ven Villages, the project team has found suitable solutions for each village which is based on the local people’s ideas and research findings from the 1st and 2nd period of the project.


Regarding Na Pau and Ha Son 1 villages, the lack of water due to the Gam river’s rapid decrease in water levels makes it only possible for households near Gam river bank to grow only one winter-spring crop instead of two crops (winter-spring and summer-fall). In order to tackle this problem, during the month of August, the project supported local people with Honda Gx-160 water pump engines and a system to carry water from Gam river to reservoirs, which guaranteed them with enough water in dry season.

Na Pau’s people test-run the water pumps


Concerning Ha Son 2 and Phia Ven villages, they were funded to upgrade their reservoirs and water system. Phia Ven village was also equipped with a water pump engine to carry water from the supply to reservoirs.


In September, the project continued to support the process of reservoir construction and provide plastic containers for each family in Phia Ven and Ha Son 2 villages.


 Phia Ven’s people prepared for the reservoirs’ construction with the support from the project.


“We are very happy for the kind support from the project team. Now we have clean water to use without having to put in a lot of effort to transport the water,” shared Ms Giang Thi My, one of the Phia Ven’s villagers.

With the help of a well-organized plan, the project looks forward to helping local people tackle immediate difficulties and maintain effective water resources management.


Reported by: Nguyen Viet Hung

Translated by: Hoang Thi Kieu Anh & Aalia Adatia

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