Photovoice combined in implementing Thai Baan research

In 2015, WARECOD continues to implement the local knowledge research in a project “River food system from local people’s perspectives in the Mekong delta” through new methods.

Currently, activity of local knowledge research by WARECOD is conducted at Dong Thang hamlet (Dong Thang commune, Co Do district) and Thoi Binh A hamlet (ThoiThanh commune, Thoi Lai district) in Can Tho city. Those applied methods including:


  • Thai Baan research: It is the local knowledge research method which was set up in the 2000s in Thailand and implemented by local people. This method have recently been a new approach which is different from the common research (implemented by local people instead of scientists) in order to find out local people’s knowledge about environment and the way they interact with it.
  • Photovoice: It can be understood as the voice of images and also a mix between local people’s voice and photos they themselves take. This method was designed to empower local people and bring them chances to tell their own stories and to raise their voice as well. With Photovoice, they are provided personal cameras to record evidences through photos and symbols to show others the world through their eyes.


After being trained how to use cameras and photographic techniques as well as telling stories via photos, local researchers receive cameras and practice the method in July. Those photos, though, are simple but contain local people’s life stories in general and Khmer women’s in particular.

Reporter: Nguyễn Khiêm
Translator: Thanh Loan
Photo by Đông Thắng hamlet researchers

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