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Since August 2012, the Swedish Research Agency (FOI) has worked in conjunction with the Center for Water Resource Conservation and Development (WARECOD) and local authorities from the Bao Lam and Nguyen Binh districts  (located in the Cao Bang Province) to implement two climate tools in each of these districts. These activities were one of the components of the Promoting Local Adaptive Climate Change Responses in the Gam River Basin, Northern Upland Vietnam project that is funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

FOI has played an imperative role in deciphering strategies that can be used to mitigate the negative effects of climate change in the Bao Lam and Nguyen Binh districts. This was the first time FOI has been working with local authorities in Vietnam to develop climate tools to improve environmental sustainability in the affected areas. Two experts from FOI, Dr. Annika and Dr. Henrick have been working in the Bao Lam and Nguyen Binh districts respectfully, to develop specific climate tools for each area. Dr, Annika has been focusing on Local Climate Impacts Profile in Bao Lam district while Dr. Henrick has been looking at various Socio - Economic Scenarios in the Nguyen Binh district. In order to develop these tools, both experts worked closely with district local authority to develop workshops to assess the specific requirements for each tool. In addition, together with studying secondary information, they conducted 16 interviews with district local authorities of Bao Lam District People Committee staff (divisions of agriculture and rural development, natural resources and environment, agro forestry etc). After developing the climate tools Dr. Annika and Dr. Henrick produced two draft reports with two questionnaires that were circulated to the participants of the two districts. The experts read these questionnaires and used them to provide feedback in their reports.

On September, 17th, 2013, FOI along with WARECOD and Bao Lam District People Committee organized a summing up workshop in Bao Lam district. The workshop’s participants included local authorities from the Bao Lam and Nguyen Binh districts as well as other surrounding districts.


During the summing up workshop, Dr. Annika and Dr. Henrik each made a special presentation on each tool and their relevancy in each of the districts. Dr. Henrik’s presentation highlighted the possible outcomes that the Nguyen Binh district would face according to how well they integrated adaptation strategies into their master plans. Mr. Phuc, Vice Chairman of Nguyen Binh commented that although local authorities have only attended two workshops, their knowledge regarding climate change has improved drastically. As a representative of the district, he sincerely thanked and appreciated the two expert works. During the meeting he said “It will be difficult to determine which of the three scenarios the district will face, if any, however the district will take on appropriate action for whatever scenario it faces”.


Dr Annika’s presentation focused on LCLIP found in Bao Lam district which focused on the impacts of extreme weather events in the area and some ideas for adaptation that can be used by the local communities. Based on the results of the interviews, Dr. Annika found that traditional cultivation practices should be altered to adapt to the effects of climate change and minimize the negative effects of farming practices in the district. The two reports were carefully revised based on the comments of all participants from the two districts, the summing up workshop and WARECOD’s staff. They are now finished and are sending to participants.

Overall, the project was a success and was warmly welcomed by members of the Bao Lam and Nguyen Binh districts. These climate tools are an imperative and effective way at reducing the impacts of climate change. The members of both district communities were very grateful to FOI for introducing this project in their districts. Dr. Annika and Dr. Henrick were both very appreciative of the participation of both local authorities and looking forward to having opportunity to work with them in the future.  


Reported by: Aalia Adatia

Research and Advocacy Assistant

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