A local knowledge group is established in Bac Lieu
Posted Date: Friday, April 1, 2016 | Source: www.warecod.org.vn

During the second year of the project MK26 - River food system from local people’s perspectives in the Mekong delta, local knowledge research groups will be established in the Bac Lieu province.

On March 18th 2016, WARECOD together with Research Institute for Climate Change (DRAGON Institute – Mekong) and the Department of Fisheries (Can Tho University) introduced the project to the communities at Village 18, Phong Thanh A commune, Gia Rai town, Bac Lieu province. Conducting such a research on the issue of fisheries resources conservation and the use of irrigation schemes received enthusiastic support from leaders and local people because this is a common concern for the Phong Thanh commune in particular, and the Bac Lieu province in general. Furthermore, the research was conducted by the local people as well as attracting the attention of all participants.

The meeting had a good resonance with the local participants. At the end of the meeting, 14 people in Village 18 had registered to participate in the activities of the project and will be participating in the research skills training that will be held by WARECOD in May.

Reporter: Duc Tai

Translator: Chi An, David Farò

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