Training on laws and policies related to environment in Bac Me District
In two days August 19th and 20th 2015, WARECOD coordinated with Bac Me district’s Judicial Devision to organize the training on laws and policies related to environment. The participants were representatives of Na Pong, Na Bo villages (Giap Trung commune) and Bo Cung village (Yen Phu town).

Bac Me District covers a relatively large natural area where ethnic minorities who lived in scattered, transportation has many difficulties, level of literacy is low, many people are illiterate ... State management at the local level as well as the management of natural resources and environment has faced to challenges. Therefore, equipping laws and policies related to natural resources and environment in the district’s strata is more urgent, plays an important part in the developing economy process and livelihood of local people.

The main content of two days training was to update and disseminate basic issues of environment and resources law along with the local policies related to water, land, forest… This training was also the chance for local people to be answered the queries concerned to issues of environment, resources and some other laws.

Reporter: Nguyen Viet Hung

Translator: Thuy Ngan

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