Communication club on Climate change in Na Xiem village

According to the local knowledge research report conducted in 2014 in village Na Xiem (Bao Toan commune, Bao Lac ward, Cao Bang province), climate change not only put effects on agricultural production but also makes epidemic widespread on livestock, which brings difficulties to local people’s lives. Besides, the report also points out crucial role of native women in introducing and providing solutions to climate change. In sequence of the study, in 2015, WARECOD has supported people in the village to establish a local club to publicly introduce climate change and its impact and first applying of Forum Theater in club’s activities to the villagers.

Na Xiem club hosts monthly activities which use skill games and exercises to stimulate the ability of holding cultural event. It is also considered as a more effective way of communication to Tay and San Chi people in the commune. The club has so far produced an interactive play with 2 main contents: negative influence of livestock epidemics on peoples’ lives and women’s role in communication related to climate change to the villagers. Furthermore, the club’s members themselves have composed songs with simple lyrics to remember and created slogans, banners in topic of climate change.

It is projected that on October 2015, there will be a communication event on climate change hold by the club with attendance of people and authorities all over the commune.

Reporter & Photo: Xuan Quynh

Translator: Thuy Ngan

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