Project summarizing workshop “Community Empowerment for water resources management in Phu Tan, An Giang province”

Following the success in 2013, The Center of Water Resources Conservation and Development (WARECOD) has implemented practical activities in order to find the solution to water resources and fishery issues in the area in 2014 – 2015.

Activities implemented were:

  • Integrated research on water resources in Phu Tan, An Giang province
  • Establishment of monitoring river group, formerly  known as local knowledge research group (monitoring water level based on water monitoring pole and farm diary tracking)
  • Livelihood models using available materials in the area: composting and biogas digester used in households (Exchange visit in Cho Moi district, An Giang province and Phong Dien district, Can Tho city; training on models; building and operating 6 sample models in Tân Trung and Tân Hòa communes).
  • Campaign of fish releasing to generate fishery resources (integrated in fish releasing program of regenerating fishery resources held by An Giang province people’s committee)
  • Local knowledge research in My Hoa 3, Tan Hoa commune, Phu Tan district on the situation of managing and using water resources in the area.

At the workshop on May 26, results were shared with related departments including DoNRe, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in An Giang province. With the result of local knowledge research group in My Hoa 3 hamlet, researchers indicated the demand for establishing a community’s organization of water resources management in the area (quite similar to the model of management board in North Vam Nao sub-region).

The relationship of agricultural water resources management existing in My Hoa 3 Hamlet

After summarizing project result in 2014-2015, WARECOD shares upcoming plan especially emphasizing on cooperating with stakeholders to set up and support a community organization of water resources management operating in Tan Hoa commune, Phu Tan district.

Mr. Duong Van Dich – representative of sub-regional Management Board 18 said: “Having Established sub-regional  Management Board after many trials, we learned from experiences:
  • Members of the Management Board should be peasants but not local authorities because of their right and duty issues.
  • Members must have prestige in the community to get a better communication campaign
  • Water must be used scientifically to ensure sustainability
  • Coordination regulations between Management Board and Cooperative need to be set up for a better performance. Establishing sub-regional Management Board in Tan Hoa commune is convenient for different producing fields.

I do welcome and concur with the next implementation phase of this project and also contribute by my own experience”


A representative of sub-regional management board 18

Representatives of local agencies and community also express their agreement on research results and prepared plan. Mr. Pham Van Le – a representative of Agriculture and Rural Development Department which directly implemented and managed the Management Board of North Vam Nao sub-regional Management Board system said: “Water Resources will become limited in the coming period, so water resources management and use is very important. In my opinion, I agree with project activities. I and Mr. Tri (head of Phu Tan Department of Agriculture) are determined on this issue as the next phase of the project will bring about the consensus among community and enhance women’s participation. I hope this project will bring an effective PIM model that can bewidely replicated and implemented in other areas.

Mr. Pham Van Le – A representative of An Giang Agriculture and Rural Development Department


With the enthusiastic support of Oxfam organization (project sponsor), WARECOD hopes together with local community to continue to meet people’s expectations and contribute to reasonable and effective water resources management in the area in particular and An Giang province in general.

Reporters: Vũ Hải Linh - Nguyễn Khiêm
Translator: Thanh Loan

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