Workshop about climate change in the Gam river basin
The Center for Conservation and Development of Water Resources (WARECOD) cooperated with the People’s committees of the Bao Lac district to organize a workshop to share the results of the project “Promoting local participation into decision-making process related to climate and environmental change in the Gam river basin”.

The project was implemented in the Bao Lac district from April to November 2015, and the pilot application in the BaoToan commune included following activities:

- Training on managing communication club skills about climate change for people in the Xa Niem village, Bao Toan commune

- Implementing communication activities applied Forum Theatre about climate change in the community

- Training on skills to cope with disaster risk and extreme weather events, such as: first aid, risk-proofing houses

- Training of communes’ officials about climate change and of village headmen about issues related to climate and environmental change.

After presenting the project’s activities, it was time to investigate advantages and disadvantages of local government’s involvement in the implementation of policies related to climate change.

The implementation of the project resulted in more than 90% of members to understand the importance of communication activities related to climate change. Thanks to the activities and training, it was possible to positively affect the community’s knowledge, especially regarding the awareness of villagers about protecting water sources, the environment, and the ability to deal and cope with climate change related processes.

Before, WARECOD organized the cultural exchange show “Gam river adapts climate change” which attracted a large amount of villagers.

Reporter: Đàm Diện
Translater: Thủy Ngân, David Farò

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