Sharing workshop about Thaibaan research in Khmer community

It was the first time “Gender” topic was discussed by community and stakeholders in the summary event of local knowledge research and Photovoice. The activities were conducted by WARECOD in Dong Thang hamlet, Dong Thang commune, Co Do district of Can Tho city with remarkable success.

On 23th November 2015, WARECOD held a sharing workshop at MuNiUtDomRangSay pagoda to discuss results of the research. The participants were representatives of stakeholders such as local officials from Dong Thang CPC, researchers of Dong Thang group, Can Tho University and the Venerable Dao Nho. Researchers from Thoi Thanh group and many Buddhists in the local took part in the workshop.

“Gender” was the main topic discussed in the workshop with different point of views based on participants’ role. “In general, role of women in family and social activity has been improved significantly in compare with previous time. In the past, Buddha considered the gender equality and role of women” – shared the Venerable Dao Nho.

After discussing, participants agreed that women have to face 05 difficulties in practicing gender equality and affirming their role, including:

- Male-supremacy tenet.

- Domestic violence.

- Married with foreigners.

- Young rural workers come to industrial zone.

- Lack of interest in social activities

Mr Le Minh Phuc, party secretary of Dong Thang commune concluded: “Although role of women has been improved clearly, there still have certain difficulties because of their roles for taking care of family. The cost of supporting vocational training for women on leisure time is not suitable with time duration; the consumption of output is unstable… are barriers to them. Lack of information is one of main barriers”. Therefore, Mr Phuc suggested that it was necessary for organizing more workshops about Gender issue. That would create chance for local women to improve knowledge as well as skills.

Reporting: Nguyen Khiem

Translating: Thuy Ngan

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